Elecstars Radar Detector Dash Mat, Keeps Anything From Sliding Including Cell Phones, Sunglasses, & Keys Black

Removable radar detector mount, washable, reusable. Use with any radar detector. Passport Radar detector, Escort radar detector, Cobra radar detector, Valentine radar detector, Radar detector, ipod, iphone,droid, sirius radio,android

1 can’t put to where impact airbag operation and driving.
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New whistler XTR-195 Car Laser Police Radar Detector X-band, K-band, Ka Superwide, Ka Band,

•Internal Battery Charger

•Icon Display Provides Distinct Visual Confirmation Of Signals Detected, Signal Strength, And Indicates Engaged Modes Of Operation

•Patented PopTM Mode Detection Advanced Speed Detection Capability Responds To Brief Bursts Of Radar

•Total BandTM Protection

•360° Maxx Coverage Protects … Continue reading

RADAR DETECTOR – DASHBOARD MAGIC MOUNTING PAD For Passport 9500ix, Escort, Valentine, Cobra, Beltronics, Whistler, No mounting bracket, No windshield mount (Black)

Removable radar detector mount, washable, reusable. Use with any radar detector. Passport Radar detector, Escort radar detector, Cobra radar detector, Valentine radar detector, Whistler radar detector, ipod, iphone,droid, sirius radio,android

Product Features

10FT Direct Hard Wire Power Cord for Whistler Radar Detectors

This is a 10FT Direct Hard Wire kit which will fit Whistler Brand radar detectors. If you have a Cobra, Beltronics or Escort this is not the cord for you. We have those in our Amazon Store.

This will fit all current Whistler Model radar … Continue reading

Coiled Power Cord for Beltronics / Escort / V1 Radar Detectors

Coiled Power Cord for Beltronics, Escort and Valentine Radar Detectors with RJ-11 “telephone style” jack. Cord measures 20 inches in length when coiled and extends to 5 feet. 90 day warranty. Works with the following Escort models: Passport 9500i, Passport 8500 X50, Solo S2, Passport … Continue reading

MATCC 2.0”LCD 720P 2In1 Car DVR+RD Camcorder Dashboard Dash Cam and Radar Detector with Support G-Sensor, Night Vision, Automatic Loop-Cycle Recording, Motion Detection

Radar Detector, Car recording three in one combo
Detect mobile and fix speeding camera
in advance for safety driving
TFT 2.0″ LCD Display
lens for night vision
Distance to fixed camera counting down display
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Escort Direct Wire Power Cord for Radar and Laser Detectors

Escort STANDARD DIRECT WIRE. Escort Direct Wire Power Cord for Radar and Laser Detectors.

Product Features

  • Direct wire cord delivers power to Escort radar and laser detectors
  • Installs within vehicle fuse panel for convenient use
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Blue Lightning Anti-Slip Radar Detector Dash Mat

EASY & FAST: install, just place the pad on your dashboard and add your radar detector or cell phone, GPS, Radio…even sunglasses, coins, garage door opener. Amazing super grip, strong hold. Works for GPS, satellite radios and cell phones too. Clean area on dashboard with … Continue reading

Kingear Car Detector V7 Car Radar Detector Speed Laser Dector Speed Alarm English/Russian Version-Red

Product Description
Color: Red/Red
Voltage: 12V
Working distance: 0.3-2.5M
Current: 150 – 300MA
Frequency: 2.4GHz¡À410MHZ
OSD Language£ºEnglish£¬Russian
Easy to install and use
Voice alert, support LX/K/KA/KU/New K/Laser Band/VG-2
Detect any … Continue reading

Escort & Beltronics Radar Detector Straight Power Cord 12ft

The is an original Escort/Beltronics 12ft Straight Power Cord.

Product Features

  • For Beltronics GX65, Sti Magnum, STi Driver, PRO 500, PRO 300, PRO 200, PRO 100, RX65, RX55, 995, 965, 955, 940, V8, V6
  • For Escort iQ, 9500ix, 9500i, 8500 X50, 8500, 7500S, 7500, … Continue reading

Car Windshield Suction Cup Mount for Escort and Beltronics Radar Detectors

Arkon’s RDMET01 radar detector windshield mount is compatible with most Rocky Mountain Phantom-T, Escort and Beltronics radar detectors, including S55, New Passport, Redline, STi Magnum, STi Driver, GX65, GX55, RX65, RX55, V6, V8, V10, V12, Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro 500, Vector 995, Vector 965, Vector 955, Newer Vector 940, Vector 895 & … Continue reading